Producer: Saville CHAN


Director and Script Writer: Anastasia TSANG


Cast: Sylvia CHANG, Simon YAM, Cecilia CHOI, Henick CHOU, Ben YUEN, Shing MAK, Alma KWOK, Jacky TONG


Language: Cantonese with English Subtitles

語言:粵語, 中英字幕

Duration:103 mins

片長:103 分鐘

Devastated by the loss of her skilled neon sign-making husband, a wife decides to carry on his unfinished dream of making neon signs.

A Light Never Goes Out rides the wave of Hong Kong’s cinematic renaissance with a thoughtful look at everything represented by neon heritage. What do we lose when we lose a neon sign? That's the question posed by A Light Never Goes Out, the wonderful debut feature from director Anastasia Tsang. Though this is Tsang's first movie, she is a film industry veteran, and she has landed a roster of big stars for her first effort, including Simon Yam and Sylvia Chang.



Sylvia CHANG as Mei Heung

Born into a grassroots family, Mei Heung is the second child among four brothers and sisters. Her father died in early days, Mei Heung got used to take care of her younger brother and sister, and led to her pragmatic and frugal personality. When she was 21, she was married to Bill, a neon sign craftsman, and soon got pregnant with a daughter called Prism.

During SARS in 2013, neon sign business declined drastically. Mei Heung urged Bill to close the neon sign factory and change career, but Bill insisted to keep the factory. Since then the relationship between them was worsened. A few years ago, due to the new ordinance enacted by the government, as well as the boost of LED sign industry, neon sign business was hit hard again. Under Mei Heung’s pressure, Bill finally became a taxi driver, whereas Mei Heung worked as a supermarket cashier.

One day, Bill suddenly died of heart attack when driving a taxi. Mei Heung fell into unbearable grief, indulged in Bill’s past. Accidentally, she discovered that Bill was still running his neon factory and even had an apprentice, Leo, who told her that Bill wanted to remake an old neon sign. She was delighted to fulfil her husband’s last wish, so she worked actively with Leo to search for the neon sign and learn the craftsmanship. Unfortunately, obstacles came one by one. She even discovered layers of secrets she didn't know about Bill. She seemed to reacquaint with her husband and this marriage. Finally, she realized the beautiful value of persistence, and gradually got out of the pain of widowhood.

張艾嘉 飾 江美香


出身草根,四兄弟姊妹中排行第二,父親早逝,家境貧寒,美香年紀小小便幫忙照顧弟妹,形成務實、計算的個性。21歲下嫁霓虹師傳鑣叔,不久便懷女兒彩虹。鑣叔沙士時霓虹燈生意一落千丈,美香主張鑣叔為家庭經濟著想,關掉霓虹廠趁早轉行,鑣叔執意不從,夫妻間從此出現裂痕。幾年前,霓虹生意因政府的規管政策加上 LED 燈盛行再受打擊,美香力勸之下,鑣叔終轉行做的士司機,美香則在超市兼職收銀。一天,鑣叔出門後遇車禍猝逝,美香陷入難以自拔的哀傷,沉溺於鑣叔的過去,後發現鑣叔生前原來仍有做霓虹生意,並得知他想重製燈牌的遺願,於是與其徒弟Leo合力完成燈牌,過程中不但經歷重重障礙,更發掘到鑣叔一層又一層她所不知的秘密,讓她重新認識鑣叔及這段婚姻, 並對堅持的美好價值有所體悟,最終逐漸走出喪偶傷痛。

Simon YAM as Bill

A neon sign craftsman, Bill came to Hong Kong with his father when he was young and was introduced by his father's friend as an apprentice to the neon factory. Later, he inherited the mantle of the master and became the factory owner because of his excellent craftsmanship. It has been fifty years since then. One day, he went to the rooftop to repair his first neon sign, romantically met Mei Heung. They soon became a couple.

After marriage, he continued to strive for excellence when making neon signs, being a meticulous craftsman who valued the quality of the product more than the costs. In addition to craftsmanship, he was also very principled about industry ethics. He insisted on quoting reasonable neon sign fees and keeping promises, that’s why he had a good reputation among customers. He also took good care of Mei Heung and their daughter Prism. He endured calmly no matter what Mei Heung said about the trivial matters at home. However, only about her request of closing the neon factory, he did not give an inch to Mei Heung. Even though he was seriously injured by falling off a building when installing a neon sign. In recent years, the neon business has dropped even more. Mei Heung persuaded him to make LED signs to earn more money, but he rejected firmly.

However, under the new regulations of the government, many neon signs were removed in a large scale. Under Mei Heung's repeated requests, Bill finally closed the neon factory and changed his career as a taxi driver. However, he secretly reopened the factory a few years later. He hired his apprentice Leo, and continued to run neon sign’s business for regular customers. One night, he drove a taxi back to work in the middle of the night, but suddenly died of an acute heart attack.

任達華 飾 楊燦鑣


霓虹師傅。少年時隨父來港,在父親朋友介紹下到霓虹廠當學徒,後因手藝出色繼承師傳衣缽成為老闆,一做便五十年。一天到天台維修自己第一個親手燒製的燈牌,邂逅美香,二人結為夫婦。他總是專注地製作霓虹燈,是個一絲不苟、為了堅持出品質量不計成本的匠人。除了技術外,對行業道德也極有原則,堅持不要賺盡、信守承諾,在熟客間有口皆碑。對於美香和彩虹,他也是溫柔地守護,就只有在關掉霓虹廠一事上他對美香寸步不讓,即使曾因安裝霓虹墮樓受重傷,他也堅拒轉行。近年霓虹生意更為沒落,美香勸他引入 LED 燈確保利潤,他卻到死執意不從。然而在政府新規管條例下,眼見不少親手製造的霓虹燈牌一個個落下,鑣叔在美香多番要求下,終關掉霓虹工廠,轉行當的士司機,心裡卻始終放不下,兩年前暗地重開工場,並收了徒弟Leo,繼續做熟客生意。一晚,他半夜駕的士回工場工作,卻突然急性心臟病發離世。

Cecilia CHOI as Prism

The only daughter of Mei Heung and Bill, with a highly self-disciplined and self-demanding personality. Inspired by his father, she was interested in art. When she was going to enter the university, her family was facing financial difficulties because of the drop of Bill's neon business. She was sensible and gave up the art course that she loved, and tried her best to get into the architecture faculty, as being an architect would have rather substantial incomes.

After graduation, she became an architect, bearing the family's livelihood and repaying family's residential debt. She always longed to live in a place with more creative freedom. She had a stable relationship with her boyfriend Roy, who was also an architect and they applied for immigrant marriage and hoped to move to Australia to live a new life. Sadly, her father died all of a sudden. Prism faced a dilemma between relieving mother's grief and getting married in time.

Meanwhile, Prism's was emotionally detached, which made her couldn't cry at all, as if she didn't feel the death of her father. She was distressed to see her mother indulged in the grief of being widowed. She did everything to help her mother to return to normal so that she can leave Hong Kong without any worries, but Mei Heung did not appreciate it and got even worse. Prism thought it was totally nonsense, knowing her mother wanted to re-make an old neon sign so as to complete Bill’s last wish. She was even more annoyed and jealous seeing her mother working with her father's apprentice Leo all day long. Her struggle between the love and hate towards her mother grew more and more intense as days went by.

蔡思韻 彩虹



Henick CHOU as Leo

He was taken care of by his grandmother when he was a child and their relationship was close. After his parents divorced, he was taken care of by his mother, while his elder brother was taken care of by his father. Leo was not talented in studying, which made him self-abased when comparing with his brother. His mother always felt ashamed because of Leo’s uselessness. He felt he could never compare to his brother, that he was worthless, no matter what he did, he was only a failure. He became cynical when facing his studies and life, and started to skip school. He was evicted by his mother when she discovered that.

One night, he met Bill who was repairing neon signs. Seeing Bill, an old man who working at a high place, Leo felt it was quite dangerous and gave a helping hand. Since then, he was fascinated by neon craftsmanship. Bill even generously let him live in the neon factory. When he learned to make neon signs, Bill complimented him on his talent. This was the very first time he realized that he could have a talent. However, just when he was passionate to learn this craft, Bill suddenly disappeared, leaving behind arrears of rent. Leo was about to be evicted by the owner and to be homeless again.

At the moment of losing all the hope, he met Mei Heung who came to make offerings to Bill, and learned that Bill had passed away. In order to continue living in the factory, Leo lied to Mei Heung that Bill’s last wish was to remake an old neon sign. Unexpectedly, on the way of making a neon sign and even teaching Mei Heung, he rekindled his enthusiasm about this craft, and even built up his self-confidence. He was determined to inherit Bill’s craftsmanship.

周漢寧 Leo